What's up with online dog training courses?


Like everything else in the world, dog training has made the leap to the internet. I have personally tried a few of these online courses and did not find them practical.So I created a different kind of online dog training course that is EFFECTIVE, FUN, ECONOMICAL, and GUARANTEED to work.

Sit MoFo Sit online courses give you the flexibility to work with your dog at home, on vacation, at the park, at your favorite pet-friendly restaurant or bar – anywhere.

These courses are with you on your desktop, phone, and tablet to access whenever you need them.

Why pay for a class when YouTube is free?


Hey friend, I agree. YouTube is awesome. You absolutely can learn stuff there. But if you are looking for a well-rounded experience with a supportive community this is where you need to be.

What makes Sit Mofo Sit Courses so special?

  1. Me. This is my passion.

I love dogs. I want everyone to have a fun, playful, naturally easy relationship with their dogs.

And that's why I've made the leap from exclusive in-person training to the world of online training courses: To help every dog parent have the best relationship possible with their four-legged BFF.

I truly care about this shit. And that's only one of many things that set these courses apart.

  1. I designed these courses to be SUPER COST EFFECTIVE. I cannot stress this enough. Your enrollment gives you immediate access to:
    • Private Facebook group where you can ask Lisa questions, meet Sit Mofo Sit classmates, and get practical support from a community that knows your dog is NOT the only mofo out there.
    • Desktop and mobile course content to take anywhere you go.
    • Lisa's Dog Training Life Hacks
    • Training Videos, Worksheets, PDFs
    • Resources galore and TONS OF INFORMATION!!!
  2. I understand that you have YOUR OWN learning style and I've got you. Course content includes video tutorials, worksheets, one-on-one support from yours truly, and so much more.Auditory learner? I've got you.

    Visual learner? I've got you.

    Kinesthetic learner? I've got you.

    You're unique, and I get that. I've totally got you, dude.

Do your courses actually work?

Honestly, that totally depends on you. If you follow the courses?
HELL YEAH! If you don't?
Ummmm…doubt it. So just show up! For your dog and for yourself. We can make it work, together!

Now that we've answered some questions, explore our fabulous courses above and get started with training your special Mofo. Got more questions? Contact us now »